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The land that makes up Corinth Downs has a rich history.

The property was originally a part of the Majors farm that supplied oxen for Westward-bound wagon trains carrying  merchandise to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In 1921, the Woolf family acquired 200 acres which included the Corinth Downs property.  Herbert Woolf, who is perhaps best known to most Kansas Citians for his connection to the upscale Woolf Brothers clothing store established by his father and uncle, started a horse-breeding facility known as Woolford Farm.

Woolford Farm produced the 1938 Kentucky Derby winner Lawrin, ridden by 23-year-old Eddie Arcaro.  Both Lawrin and his sire Insco are memorialized on the property with a small cemetery at the top of Le Mans Court.

Subsequently, the property was acquired by the J. C. Nichols Company and the development of Corinth Downs began in the early 1970s.

Corinth Downs was developed by the J. C. Nichols Company and contains 39 blocks with various lots within those blocks according to the recorded “plat” of each.  Each owner’s lot is subject to certain “Protective Covenants” which include:

Without the prior consent of the Association,

•       No changes or alterations may be made to the structural portions or exterior, including painting the exterior

•       No signs of any kind may be displayed

•       No sale of any kind, whether auction, garage or estate may be conducted

Under no circumstances may vehicles, other than customary passenger automobiles and temporary maintenance vehicles, be kept on any lot or on the Common Areas.  This specifically includes trailers, trucks, house trailers, motorcycles, boats and boat trailers.

As to the Protective Covenant relating to pets, the Board of Directors has determined to allow owners to have a dog and/or a cat, provided that the owners keep the dog on a leash at all times, ALWAYS pick up pet droppings and dispose of them on their own premises and that the pets are not a nuisance to other residents.

The separate Declaration of Restrictions that governs all of us as residents created the Corinth Downs Homes Association and is binding on all members.  The Declarations impose on the Association the duty to maintain and repair the property, pay the taxes, obtain insurance and handle related matters.

The Declaration requires each owner to maintain fire, windstorm and extended coverage insuring the owner’s unit for full replacement cost, to name the Association as an additional insured, and to provide the Association with written evidence of such insurance at least annually.

A Kansas Not-for-Profit corporation, the Corinth Downs Homes Association, Inc. was created to own the common land.  Each lot owner is a voting member of that corporation.  The corporation operates under its Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws adopted by the members of the Association as required by state law.

It also gives the Association the power to maintain units, fix assessments, employ a management company, borrow money and perform other tasks it needs to do for the benefit of the owners.  It also obligates the Association to set the budget and assess the general and special charges to the owners.

The governing documents may be changed, modified or cancelled by varying percentages of the owners at various times, depending on the document.

The governing documents are periodically reviewed by a Bylaws Committee, which is empowered to recommend changes in the documents to the Board.

Copies of the governing documents are availble on the website.